diumenge, 9 de març de 2008

Job risks

It is said, that there are too many job accidents but did you ask yourself why?
Many people are hurt or killed every year while they are working. Danger is everywhere, in a house, in a school, in a factory, on the roads...
Everybody who has people working for himself looks after him workers' safety. But even though, things are not so clear.
A manager may think that he has everything under control, but if his workers don't carry out the law, for example wearing a helmet, the security is out.
nowadays the law watches out for all of those who don't obey the rules and if security is not carried out literally, a high punishment might happen to them.

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Barrie ha dit...

Hi Laura, a very interesting post. i agree with you. Workers have to collaborate also and follow the basic rules to avoid accidents.