divendres, 11 de gener de 2008


Christmas holidays have just finished.
In this writing I will explain my Christmas holidays.
The first days I spent my time doing concerts of accordion around the Pallars Sobirà with my player’s accordionist group.
The following days I stayed with my family, I had long lunch, long dinners…
On New Year Eve I had dinner with my family, and later I went out with my friends all night.
The rest of the days I worked hard in my research work.
People like Christmas holidays, but in my opinion every year is worst.
The most important for the people is buying a lot of presents and this isn’t the most important about Christmas.
The best is spending the days with our family and friends.In conclusion, I like Christmas but it could be better without so much consumism.

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Barrie ha dit...

Hi Sandra. I also think that Christmas is a nice period of time to stay with your family and friends. The problem is that we all have merchandise it.