dimarts, 25 de març de 2008


I'm going to writte about the worst experience of my life. It was one year ago, when I went to Barcelona to pass the
music exams to join in the "ESMUC" (Escola Superior De Musica De Catalunya). I studied very hard for one year, only to preparate these exams. All weekends I stayed in Rialp playing acordion. First I played alone, later I played with the other people who preparates these exams. The definite day, we went to Barcelona. I played two songs. My music liked the judge. In the afternoon, I went to another class to being the theoric exams. I passed correctly three exams, but in the last one I had a 4,6. I failed the last prove and so I couldn't join in the school.
I know that joining was difficult because the judge chooses only two acordion players for year. But, every day I thought in these exams. It's my dream and I didn't pass &. This situation was horrible for me, but I wish I passed & next year. finnally, I know that it was a bad situation, probably the worst in my life, but now I know that I can't have all I wan't in my life. maybe I pass this exams in the future ;)

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Barrie ha dit...

Hi Sandra, how sorry I feel for you! But as you say, you may pass the exams this year, or the next one. There is always the chance if you don't give it up. The important things in life are difficult to achieve, as you have already experienced. On the other hand, with that mark you have passed exams here at school. So don't be too frustated, my dear.